Deploying apps with Application Services

I just created a little demo video how to deploy the pre-build jPetStore application from Application Services (formally known as AppD or Application Director).  

Hide/remove default Application Director objects

Once you have Application Director up and running you will see that VMware has added a couple of predefined application blueprints and other objects in Application Director. The provided objects can be used as a reference to build you’re own Continue reading

Install the vCAC and AppD agents on Linux

Installing Gugent / AppD Agents – Mind Map of Agents Install In this post I will give you a quick overview how to install the agents on a Linux virtual machine, I also covered the Windows installation in a separated Continue reading

What Application Director agent should I choose?

Just a quick post about the location of the Java runtime and Application Director agents. And of course how they can be donwloaded. The agent files are located on the Application Director appliance in the folder: /home/darwin/tcserver/darwin/webapps/darwin/agent This directory contains Continue reading

The vCloud Application Director CLI

Just a quick post about the CLI of vCloud Application Director (Application Services in 6.1). Because not all of the tasks within vCloud Application Director can be done via the web interface, so it’s good to know that there is Continue reading